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"Deeds Of Yore" is produced by Ostrog Productions,

Deeds Of Yore

"Deeds Of Yore" Won "Best Animated Series" at The LA Web Series Festival 2012.

Get ready for the exciting Deeds of Yore Season One Finale on August 1st 2012. The end is near, but we're already working on Season Two!

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One morning in 1987 computer game fanatic David Grigsby lost his car, girlfriend, and job. Later that day, to console his sorrow, he purchased a cheap adventure game called "Deeds of Yore" at his local software retailer. Later at home, while loading up his new game, an unfortunate mishap involving tequilla caused a malifunction in his Commodore 64 and David was literaly sucked into the game. Now a citizen of the Land of Yore, David must find his way in this strange somtimes frustrating 8 bit world.


7/1/2012 Deeds Of Yore restart is now! Only two episodes to go in the series.

5/24/2012 We're excited to announce our partnership with, the best site for abandonware games on the net. Visti them at

5/8/2012 - The Yorestore is now open! Support "Deeds Of Yore", and buy some official gear.

4/25/2012 - The Yorecast, our podcast companion to "Deeds Of Yore" is now posted every Sunday afternoon. Listen to the creators of "Deeds Of Yore" talk about how the series was made, art, life, and all kinds of other stuff. Join in the conversation by sending emails or posting comments at

4/7/2012 We are attending and screening at the LAwebfest this weekend. So far we met a great many cool people. Still time to check out the webfest...

3/22/2012 Deeds is now on IMDB...

3/9/2012 "Deeds Of Yore" is featured in Issue #59 of Commodore Free Magazine, the awsome downloadable magazine for all thing Commodore!

3/4/2012 We're Going to LA Web Fest!!!! Fri, Sat, Sun, April 6,7,8

3/4/2012 Check out the new Deeds Of Yore Blog. Get the inside story of why and how we make "Deeds Of Yore".

2/21/2012 "Deeds Of Yore" is on! You can see all the episodes at is a great place to see the best web series the net has to offer, check it out!

2/8/2012 - "Deeds Of Yore" was mentioned on the podcast, Episode 74 "Father Geek". Check out their site and listen to the podcast at

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